Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jello Jigglers

So, I'm sure you're thinking. Duh, Whitney - I know how to make Jello Jigglers. Why are you posting this stupid and pointless recipe? And the answer to that would be - it's my blog and I'll post whatever recipes I want.

So there.

But really, some people might not know how fun Jello Jigglers are. And now they do because they read my blog.
Or whatever.

You Will Need:

1 box of preferred Jello flavor

ice cube tray

Prepare Jello as directed. Don't burn your hand on the hot liquid measuring cup like I did, though.

Put Jello into the ice cube tray. You can see I'm using a ladler. It's just easy. Also easy is a turkey baster. But whatever works for you is fine.

Place the ice cube tray into the refrigerator as you would with any other jello recipe.

Please note that it is very important to lightly spray the ice cube tray with veg oil so the jigglers will actually come out of their little compartments without a fight.
Also, you can make jello jigglers into different shapes by preparing the jello as directed, and then pouring the entire mixture onto a cookie sheet so it gels flat. Then, using cookie cutters, cut your jello shapes out. This is fun for kid's birthday parties, kid's projects, etc.


  1. Seriously, I have never used an ice cube tray for Jigglers before! What a great idea!

  2. I was wondering if this would work, so I googled hoping someone had already tried it. You even have the same ice cube trays as me. Cool!